welcome to my backup resource carrd! This is where my portfolio and the codes I bookmark are here as long with a few graphics and fonts that caught my eye! I hope this carrd can be very useful for your carrd and neocities needs!click here for old cboxnone of the codes or fonts are mine these are all for bookmarking and personal use.


09/08 removed rkive button! just click on the photo beside to access it. + new chatbox guys!
09/07 fixed the codes section + added more codes
09/05 new theme. added few code, fonts and bunch more resources!
05/19 made this crd :P

about admin

Hello! I'm Kai or Uta you may know me as "finderqirl" I use it/nym prns and do make pro standard friendly carrds! ^^ (hopefully pro plus soon!) Here's my portfolio and I also sorted the carrds that I am currently selling along with the carrds that are fine to make tutorials of. *ib archivos & ishimori crd


you can contact me through these links :P also promoting my referral cause i want a pro plus acc to help yall :Ptwitter
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text codes

bouncy texttext/link floats on hoverborder 1border 2gradientbubble textpopshaketiltingwobblyanimated linksmark/buttongrow pulsewebsite button with blinking cursortriple outlinemarquee textglitchneon lightcharacter highlightflickermark stitchjerkyrubber bandtext expandblinkingnews ticker with pixeltext outside of boxscramblemist.drr.ac text shadowsideways bounce textbeaded hearts border

img codes

jellymask crd twitching imagepastel pink lace borderpng blur shadowbrown heart lacerotate & saturate on hovernene's mask batch 1nene's mask batch 2floatingbouncingblurred borderbouncing flip heart slideshowrotate & blur hoverinset borderpaper maskpink ribbonblurredmultiple heartsgigi's gold frameimg tooltipheart maskstar maskrotatingtwitchingglitchrounded imagesfog maskblurred edges rounded imagepurple lace border

music player

harenchi by lovermonthcherry ju mp music player img music playermarquee w pixelcircular spinsimple circledraggable music playerspinning cd music playerramdon's playercutie's playercircle popspeaker music player2000 music playerlippies uwu ai music playercorazon uwu ai music playermusic w gif 1music w gif 2pink ipod music player


pink flowers borderimg hoverimg shake on hoverhorizontal scrollfile scrollbox cr cyberpinked scrollbox with gif or img as bgsimple borderno borderdouble borderimg bgbow borderlace borderimg bg + lace bordersimple roundedexpand on hoveruneven borderhorizontalbuttonstwo fonts in a scrollboxheart hover revealglowcrossretrowith markjichuwee crd scrollboximg hover to reveal scrollboximg shake hover to reveal scrollboxinset shadow scrollboxscrollbox with gray scrollbar

misc codes

new chatango this crd's cbox • new click sfxnew mouse click sfxradial bgold web scrollbarslide up blur bg text boxphone cr aicohoidrinkflip cardfalling hearts backgroundbutterfly falling imghidden scrollbarcolour scrollbargradient scrollbarretro scrollbardisable right clickmessage alert cboxtooltipwebsite petmarquee tab titletyping tab titlecute cursorsdropdown menujake's blur menuestrellita crd menugirly uwu ai buttonsfairy trail effectwebnekocounter 1counter 2intro animationsgina crd co menuclick sound effectishimori crd cboxdraggable elementnubes crd menuinset box shadowclaris crd menuclicksposionabsolute positioningchange text highlight colordisable right click w/ no messageinset shadow used on my remade crd 'filmstrips'heart flip menufalling butterfly backgroundfolder menuishimori update logimg clicksplosion7.css scrollbar without styling • 7.css drop down menu without styling • 7.css scrollbar 2

css styling



all fonts displayed can be used in pro standard and pro plus !! Kindly click on this to know how to add fonts in pro standard and plus.